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Jacqueline Torres
Board of School Directors of Wyomissing Area School District

My name is Jacqueline Torres and I am running for a seat at the Wyomissing School Board. I have been fortunate enough to live in this community for the better part of 35 years. I had the experience of attending grades K-12 at Wyomissing and graduated from the district in 2006. I have four children who have been enriched by the Wyomissing school system, one of which has graduated, two currently attend the Wyomissing Area Jr. Sr. High School and one attends the Wyomissing Hills Elementry Center.

I am running to be included in the Wyomissing School Board to increase diversity, add perspective, and represent parents, students, and staff. The world we live in is rapidly transforming, I believe as a parent it is important to protect integrity and continue to learn from experiences that are shaping the way we live, and freedom to experience life uniquely and individually.

Safety is at the top of the list when it comes to our children. Learning environments should, not only be designed to physically protect them, but, mentally encourage, strengthen and motivate our students for their successful and prosperous lives ahead. In addition to safety, inclusivity and diversity are equally important. Representing and advocating for people who are under represented is my priority. Building on the foundations of policies and principles in place, while continuing to learn from individuals who experience the effects of being marginalized and overlooked, such as individuals with disabilities, will ultimately build successful policies.

I had the profound experience of conferring with life-long civil and disability rights activists, Judy Heumann, who was and will continue to be an enormous influence in my life and icon to the world for her work and accomplishments. Judy, and those who knew her know she was an incredible force who served with fire in her soul and shed light on importance of advocating and what it means to represent inclusion and diversity. Just as Ms. Heumann did, I will strive to do personally, professionally, and politically and encourage others to embody the light as well.

Professoinal Background:

I currently work in Real Estate, which I absolutely love. The process of navigating the home buying process and starting a new adventure for families, helping them get to know their communities, and providing resources to help those families thrive is a great joy in my profession. I get to know families on a deeply personal level, understanding different dynamics, challenges and needs enhances my knowledge and expertise in my field and not only allows me to connect with various types of people but also connect to my community as well.

Although I currently work in real estate, I have experience in education, teaching cosmetology, business management, entrepreneurship, maintenance, stay-at-home Mom and plenty more. I am quite literally the Mom next door, your hairstylist, your cleaning lady, a local business owner and an active female voice in your community. Working in these various fields enable me to relate to most people and gives me a wide range of perspective, accountability and gratitude and plan to continue those same qualities as a Wyomissing School Board Member.